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Is It Time For You to Break Up With...You?

Strange question? Stay with me, it will soon make sense, I promise! 

In many parts of the world it is spring, a time of re-birth and renewal. What was once buried and dormant and is now visible and transforming. Because we are part of an infinite, universal cycle of endings, beginnings, births and re-births, it stands to reason that at this time of year we have an opportunity to consider what no longer serves us and what needs to be unveiled or unearthed. During the yearly ritual of “spring cleaning” we decide what we’ll keep or throw away; what will be polished up and re-used or what will be donated. While we contemplate what we desire in our external worlds, we can also take the time to look at what we house in our inner worlds. You may ask, what or whom have I outgrown? What or who continues to be healthy for me? What thoughts/behaviors have created pain, distress or chaos in my life? What thoughts/behaviors have led to success and personal evolution? Depending on the answers to these questions you might decide to discard elements of your life that stopped working for you. Likewise, you might also choose to hold onto those that have led to success and growth.

As we move through life we tend to hold onto a core set of beliefs around who we are in the world…..some refer to it as how “we’re showing up.” This set of beliefs can shape and drive our identity. As you head into the spring season consider performing an inventory on your identity – do you see yourself as confident, vital, healthy and powerful? Or tired, damaged and somewhat broken? Make a list of traits or attributes that describe you and notice the patterns that are emerging. As you perform your deep cleaning, ask yourself what needs to come out of the attic and looked at in the daylight? If you stumble across an aspect that no longer works for you, consider letting it go or better yet, more consciously saying goodbye to it. Yes, this can be a scary notion, but I guarantee you that if you get quiet and listen closely, your inner wisdom will never fail you. In fact, it will undoubtedly free you up to be a lighter, more inspired, powerful, version of your former self.

Happy Spring cleaning my friends……may you be blessed with a renewed sense of spirit and continued support on your path toward Soul Growth.  

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