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Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, LLP is an integrative Psychotherapist and Conscious Living Facilitator, specializing in individual, family and organizational therapy. She maintains a private practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan but is also able to work with clients through electronic mediums.

Working with a broad spectrum of clients, Elizabeth utilizes an integrative method of therapy to assist people in gently moving toward emotional wholeness. With clients struggling with anxiety, mood, thought disorders, PTSD and addiction related disorders, she offers a safe, non-judgmental space in which people can unburden themselves of painful traumas and emotional wounds.

For clients attempting to navigate and transition through difficult periods in their lives, Elizabeth can assist in shifting toward a higher level of consciousness and awareness of what is possible and available in life. Removing barriers, blocks and general feelings of "stuckness" is critical when carving out a path for renewal and recovery from old themes and challenges. Throughout this process, clients typically share that they feel lighter, less burdened and more aware of their ability to choose something different and empowering. As the newly emerging self unfolds, clients tend less to come from a place of fear, anxiety, limitation and lack. Because of this, the old, outdated story plays less of a role in a client's thoughts, feelings and behaviors, freeing them up to lead a more generative, creative and expansive life!

Elizabeth is also a monthly contributor to the Dr. Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show , " Lets Talk About It !", as well as the " Dream Big " show with Jill Jack on Empower Radio. As a guest on both shows she discusses the topic of living consciously, creating capacity for awareness, as well as the tools available to all of us regardless of age and stage, for shifting into an abundant and limitless reality.

Ms. Tupling completed her undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She attended Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, then went on to complete graduate work in Clinical Psychology at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. She is also an adjunct professor in Psychology at Madonna University, Oakland Community College, and Baker Community College.

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